Surveying is our roots at Eliot Sinclair. We have an 80-year long history of innovative practices that have made us known as leaders and experts. Our surveying team has one of the broadest ranges of capability in New Zealand and are widely recognised by Councils, peers and other professionals as delivering the highest quality surveys.

Surveying from the land, air or water - we cover it all with state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled surveyors to ensure every project has fit-for-purpose information that can be relied upon. We deliver new titles for sale; create accurate and reliable maps and measurement data; and deliver high-quality plans, digital data and documentation for your development project.

Our goal is to enable you to make informed decisions throughout a seamless experience. So every project begins by listening to gain a thorough understanding of your needs. Then we investigate, in-depth, the survey/project requirements to give you comprehensive advice on the process and likely costs.

Our surveying team have a range of personnel, from highly experienced registered professional and licensed cadastral surveyors through to graduate or technician surveyors and coordinators to deliver on each phase of the project. Our robust QA systems and training ensure every survey is delivered to the highest standard. We have a full range of technology for the most effective survey techniques for each project. We also fulfil a number of niche services.

Dunedin 3 scanner

Laser Scanning

Our team has been using laser scanners since 2011 to capture accurate 3D (point cloud) data of heritage buildings such as the Christchurch Arts Centre and the Christchurch Cathedral or to help with structural assessments after the Christchurch earthquakes. Working closely with our clients we make sure they receive the right 3D information they need. Our outputs which range from common point cloud formats to interactive online viewers can accommodate the most complex of sites.

Surveying Trimble Site Vision

Innovative techniques

Always at the front of the pack when it comes to innovation, Eliot Sinclair was involved at the testing phase for Trimble SiteVision. This mobile application allows us and the client to visualise the 3D design using Augmented Reality (AR). This AR technology is useful for visualising above and below ground site infrastructure, as well as our designed street scene and architectural components.

Our land surveying services

  • Urban and rural subdivisions

  • Boundary marking (e.g. for fencing purposes or post-earthquake)

  • Legalisation surveys (e.g. public works and road stopping)

  • Easements and covenant areas

  • Accretion claims

  • Unit titles

  • Cross leases

  • Uplifting of Limitations on Titles

  • Laser scanning surveys

  • Building set out surveys

  • Building location certificates

  • Building lease areas (BOMA)

  • Topographical/mapping surveys

  • UAV (Drone) aerial mapping surveys

  • Hydrographic (rivers, lakes and sea) surveys

  • Monitoring and deformation surveys

Our experts

Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes

Director | Surveyor

Darren Hocken

Darren Hocken

Director | Surveyor

Keith M Ills

Keith Mills

Associate | Surveyor

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