The client

Referred to us by Hoogervorst Architectural Builders, the Chandru family sought our landscape architecture expertise when building their stunning new family home on the outskirts of Prebbleton Village.

The challenge

The client wanted a highly functional outdoor area that facilitated free movement between the two wings of the home and provided a space that could be used any time, regardless of the season.

As the home had already been designed and built, there was a height difference of 800mm between the house and ground level. This meant that we had to ensure the outdoor living area seamlessly aligned with what had already been done, while creating an attractive and useable space.

The Chandru family also wanted privacy from their neighbours, while maintaining a sunny outdoor area. As a design response, the concept included a 1.2m earth bund to prevent views from their property. This resulted in a space that has excellent solar gain while providing shelter and privacy, while also connecting well with each wing of the house.

The solution

Following site visits with the client and builder, we were able to understand the main functions of the outdoor living space and how it interacts with the rest of the property. This helped us gain a thorough understanding of the space and enabled us to design with all the moving parts in mind. We were able to incorporate the client’s wish for solar panels in a tasteful and integrated way, creating a visually attractive and environmentally responsible solution.

Working with one of Christchurch’s most respected architectural builders and his team, we were then able to refine our concepts to a set of detailed construction drawings. This included detailed design of the spa area, louvres, dining area, and an outdoor barbeque/fire, as well as detailed planting plans.

We drew upon the expertise of our structural engineering team to ensure the hardscape areas were seamlessly and precisely integrated to the existing home and its floor levels. This, along with our excellent communication and strong client relationship, resulted in a successfully delivered and well-used outdoor living space that will stand the test of time.

  • R&S Chandru
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Structural Engineering
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"We asked Jade from Eliot Sinclair to undertake the landscape design of our new lifestyle section in Prebbleton. Jade worked collaboratively with lighting specialists, ES Structural Engineers and Hoogervorst architectural builders, who constructed both our home and the outdoor courtyard.

We are really happy with our finished outdoor living space and find it very useable, the materials tie in really well with the rest of our home. We would recommend Jade and his team of landscape architects at Eliot Sinclair to other homeowners looking for an attractive outdoor space"

R&S Chandru