The client

MON Group needed to develop a high quality, purpose-built solution for anchor tenants VINZ and Carters Tyre Service on a prominent 6,432m2 corner site in the heart of the Rolleston Izone Southern Business Hub.

The challenge

The client needed a full-service design package to provide a coordinated set of project documentation as well as management of all necessary building and resource consent applications.

A key aspect of the project included the provision for specific specialist tenant requirements, such as a site layout and building configuration that allowed the seamless through flow of heavy vehicles (B-trains) without compromising on functionality or safety; vehicle inspection pits with mechanical ventilation, hydraulic trolley jacks, high powered inspection lighting and an array of electrical, compressed air and hydraulic services; vehicle hoists; break rollers; and NZTA tolerances and safety requirements. This necessitated a detailed coordination effort between all parties to ensure these were fully integrated into the structural, architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical documentation.

The solution

Through our integrated full-service capabilities, we were able to provide our client with a high level of efficiency and convenience all through one reliable, accountable contact.

We developed the architectural, structural and civil design and site layout from early concept level through to developed and detailed design. We provided a high quality set of coordinated construction documents which enabled the contractor to build with confidence directly from the plans.

We prepared, lodged and managed the building and resource consent applications and processes. We also provided construction monitoring services.

  • MON Group
  • Design coordination and management
  • Architectural design
  • Structural engineering design and construction observations
  • Civil engineering
  • Planning
  • Surveying
  • Site Development
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