The client

Townsend Fields Limited are North Canterbury-based developers focused on delivering high-quality living environments. Set within a network of recreational reserves and walkways, their development in the West side of Rangiora offers home buyers a choice of premium sections.

The challenge

The development required a large stormwater management area, which had an uneven and unpredictable water table, along with seasonal water fluctuations and drought. This meant that plant species had to be selected very carefully to tolerate both inundation and drought. The plants also needed to have enough variety to create a biodiverse habitat for native fauna.

Townsend Fields stormwater management

The recreational reserve running through the heart of the development also required a stream re-alignment due to the poor ecological health and stagnated flow of the waterway. A freshwater spring used to run through the farm, and had been overtaken by prolific weed growth for some years. In order to improve the flow and ecological value of the stream, a re-grading and re-alignment of the streambed was the best solution. Working with tight timeframes, the stream re-alignment required careful planning and continuous collaboration with other in-house experts throughout project delivery.

The solution

The stormwater management area was planted in 2018 with specially selected planting mixes for the various ecological zones that considered the seasonal conditions and water level fluctuations. The planting mixes were separated into three zones, targeted to specific environmental conditions. Since being planted, the extensive native plantings have flourished, creating a biodiverse environment for a large number of bird species.

The stream running through the recreational reserve has been successfully re-aligned and planted, significantly enhancing the stream’s ecology and aesthetics. The successful outcome was a result of our landscape architects collaborating closely with ecologists, civil engineers and the contractors to deliver a healthier, more attractive waterway within the tight time constraints. A series of viewing platforms and boardwalk complete the reserve, linking it to the stormwater management area which has become a much-loved recreational space for local residents.

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