GIS can be simply defined as digital mapping or the communication and analysis of location information. We work to align your key business and asset data with spatial tools and applications for secure data sharing, visualisation and design workflows.

We design workflows for transforming source information from a wide array of input formats and storage platforms, to be presented as spatial data products on web-based platforms. These easy-to-use platforms have tailored configurations for searching, highlighting, analysing and reporting that also allow automated no-cost software upgrades. Plus, it can all be transferred to your own systems.

We also overlay client and project information with open data published by the likes of Councils and environmental organisations, so that project members can access it all through one collaborative spatial data platform.

Combined with our in-house surveying team, we provide an end-to-end as-built data collection, validation and delivery process with resulting detailed and accurate data ready to be assimilated smoothly by owner asset databases. In fact, this unique skillset adds value across the board by providing all our in-house teams with time and cost saving automation and efficiencies in their data workflows.

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Our geographic information systems services

  • Design and delivery of processes for client data collation, collection and integration with existing systems

  • Design and delivery of web-based map products and applications for spatial presentation of key project data

Our experts

Emma Winthrop

Emma Winthrop

GIS Specialist

Hayley Nicol

Hayley Nicol

GIS Technician

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