How are we able to create designs that ensure environmental and social sustainability is balanced with financial goals? Because we’ve had plenty of experience. We know what it takes to work with complex site constraints, whether it’s a new community, or a commercial, industrial or mixed-use development.

We provide urban design solutions for sites of all sizes, from large-scale land developments to inner-city infill projects. Good urban design creates spaces that foster healthy, safe and sustainable lives for the end users. We create neighbourhoods that attract new residents and command higher lot values overall; while providing diverse housing options, attractive outdoor spaces, and accessible, safer transport choices.

In our experience, the best outcomes come from holistic design. So we put your project needs at the centre of the decision-making process and design with all the moving parts in mind by collaborating across the multidisciplinary Eliot Sinclair skillset. This means we’re better able to resolve any challenges at concept stage to provide the right solution first time, reducing the overall need for costly redesign.

Karamu perspective overlay

Karamū Park Residential Subdivision See project

Karamu Perspective 4 linework2

Karamū initial concept plan Learn More

Our urban design services

  • Lot layout for new developments, for both high - and low-density housing

  • Transportation and recreational network design (including roads, public transit routes, cycleways, pedestrian footpaths and the like)

  • Urban design and master planning of new mixed-use developments

  • Urban design assessments for consent applications

  • Digital visualisations/ artist impressions

Our experts

Sophie Burtt

Sophie Burtt

Urban Designer | Client Engagement Lead

Jade Mc Farlane

Jade McFarlane

Associate | Landscape Architect & Urban Designer

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