The challenge

One Central development consists of a range of connected urban neighbourhoods that showcase diverse urban regeneration. The Carriage Quarters development consists of one- and two-bedroom apartments and is located between Rauora Park and Manchester Street in Central Christchurch. We were engaged to provide planning consultancy services to enable our client to obtain land use consent for the site. We will also be providing planning support for subdivision consent later in the project.

The Carriage Quarters site had restricted access that required collaboration with the architect and traffic engineer to establish the best means of access for residents and how traffic would move through the site. The site was subject to acoustic rules in the district plan and included contaminated land that required careful remediation and high groundwater.

As this is the first development of its type that fronts on to Manchester Street, the consent approvals issued for this development will set the precedent for future inner-city developments. Our planning team worked with the client’s architect, traffic engineer, environmental engineers and noise engineers to advise on the constraints and develop solutions.. We also assisted our client with their applications for district consent for earthworks and regional consent from Environment Canterbury for construction works.

Carriage Quarters

The solution

As the planning consultants we mediated between our client, contractors, external consultants, and the Council. If our client faced any challenges with the site, we worked with all the stakeholders involved to ensure the consent application was successful.

We worked with the architect to advise of Council restrictions that would impact the design. We identified any areas of the design that didn’t work with Council constraints and advised on how to alter those to gain consent approval. We also worked closely with our client’s contractors and other external consultants to advise on matters in the district plan that would impact on transport, earthworks, acoustics, and contamination remediation. This required us to review the technical reports provided by our client’s engineering consultants and provide feedback before preparing a planning report to present to Council.

If issues were highlighted by the Council, we provided feedback to our client’s technical experts and reported back to the Council on behalf of our client.

Our team prepared the planning report and assessed it in terms of the District Plan rules and environmental effects. We faced several technical challenges and our ability to work collaboratively with many external consultants ensured the project continued to consent approval. Our ability to call on our in-house hydrogeology expertise ensured we could keep the project moving without having to involve additional external consultants.

Following our work on the Carriage Quarters development, we have been engaged by Fletcher Residential to provide planning and other consultancy services on further One Central developments. Our planning team effectively and efficiently secured land use consent for a large residential development project and have since been involved in other multi-residential development projects for several clients.

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