The client

When the historic 300-meter-long wooden jetty in Governors Bay was set to close indefinitely, a group of local residents fought to preserve the iconic jetty. In 2015 the Governors Bay Jetty Restoration Trust was formed and in 2019 the Trust bought the jetty off the council for $1. The Trust is a registered charity that is committed to restoring and rebuilding the iconic jetty for the benefit of the community and visitors. They are currently fundraising for the construction.

The challenge

The jetty needs to be rebuilt before it can be reopened. The Trust is dedicated to restoring rather than redesigning the jetty, preserving as much of the historic character of the original jetty as possible. A project of this size and complexity needed a multidisciplinary solution. Our Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Nick Harwood, serves on the Restoration Trust board along with other community members with the key specialist skills needed to bring a project of this scale to completion.

This is a legacy project at the heart of the Lyttelton Harbour community and is a major asset for the region. Our role was to design and manage the construction while being sympathetic to and incorporating heritage elements of the existing jetty. Our team is ensuring design and cost certainty while working with the complexities of a timber structure and challenging ground conditions. Our client requests the use of a selectively forested local timber that is not commonly used in structural engineering and this is factored into the design.

The solution

We are assisting with geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, resource management planning, surveying, and contract management. One of the biggest challenges facing any charitable trust is funding and we are proud to provide substantial pro bono work to support the Trust.

The jetty structure is designed to meet engineering requirements while using the locally sourced timber. We are employing advanced numerical modelling and special engineering input to demonstrate how rebuilding the jetty in a like manner will still be a Code compliant solution. Our team have designed the jetty in a way that respects the heritage appearance of the original structure.

The Governors Bay Jetty Restoration is a landmark project that has support from local communities and further afield. Throughout this project we have remained pragmatic and solution focused, working with the client and the community through or around any challenges as they arise.

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