The client

Kate Valley Landfill is part of Transwaste Canterbury, a 50/50 public-private partnership between Waste Management NZ Limited and all of Canterbury’s local councils; a first-time collaboration on this regionwide matter.

The challenge

The goal was to create a single source of truth from a wealth of siloed information about the history of the landfill. This included combining historic paper records with digital geographic property information.

The requirement was an easily accessible interactive tool to bring together the relevant spatial and non-spatial information about the landfill, its ownership and management.

The solution

Beginning with data discovery, we collated all required datasets for the final webmaps. Data transformation included standardising digital data and reformatting/creating non-digital data to bring together everything into one central dataset. Reference documents were linked to spatial features to make them more searchable.

Our in-house UAV (drone) pilots flew the site at various intervals to create an accurate digital record of changes to the Landfill site, with the potential future ability for this data to then be filtered into the GIS platform as required.

To increase simplicity and usability further, webmaps were then themed around common usage of data layers and a minimal number of data interaction widgets were used. A more advanced set of tools was made available in a single application.

The portal we created is considered by the client to be a valuable tool for their property records and has had good uptake with users. It enables accurate and easy handover of key information to new board members as time progresses.

  • Transwaste Canterbury
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Land Surveying (UAV/ Drone & Topo)