The client

Our client was a private landowner looking to build a two-storey home with irregular floor plan and attached garage in Opawa, Christchurch. They engaged Eliot Sinclair to carry out geotechnical site evaluations and structural engineering design.

The challenge

The land was geotechnically challenging and our team needed to factor in several considerations to enable our client to build their dream home on the site.

The land was zoned TC3 with moderate to major lateral spreading and ground cracking recorded following the 2010 – 2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence. The site is located immediately adjacent to a waterway which posed a risk of slope instability to the banks of the watercourse.

Our client’s proposed dwelling consisted of irregular geometry and was designed with a narrow linkage between the dwelling and one of the two garages.

The solution

We conducted site-specific inspections and found the lateral stretch did not impact the original foundation and driveway surfaces. We provided new foundation designs that mitigated the risk of damage from minor lateral stretch in the land.

A detailed structural design was undertaken to mitigate the risk of settlement between the foundation and the superstructure. We conducted slop stability analysis and modelling for the proposed foundation to ensure the design was appropriate for the ground conditions.

Our geotechnical and structural engineering teams collaborated closely with the architect to identify engineering solutions that were incorporated into the foundation and structural design, enabling the owner to construct their dream home.

  • Private landowner
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Structural engineering