The client

Wigram Skies is a large-scale residential subdivision (1700 lots) in Christchurch. It was developed by Ngāi Tahu Property Ltd, one of South Island’s largest developers, with whom we have a well-established and strong working relationship.

The challenge

The client wanted to create a high-quality community with an intimate urban village feel that would tie in with the surrounding district. It required a variation of lot sizes to mitigate edge effects to the adjoining properties and to offer more housing choices for new residents and those affected by the earthquakes. The client also wanted to create a development with a unique feel where the lots, road layout and interconnected open spaces have a distinct aesthetic.

The project had to comply with the minimum density requirement and create a highly marketable range of higher density through to larger, lower-density lots. We were also involved with the design and development of the adjoining Business Zone into a business park that was visually cohesive with the residential land uses.

The solution

We provided Ngāi Tahu Property with a full land development service package that enabled a seamless and high quality design outcome. Our experienced urban design and planning teams were at the forefront of early phases, informing all aspects of the design. With all our experts under one roof, daily communication was a smooth and straightforward process, saving the client time and cost.

We were involved from the initial conception of the project, which began with a plan change for the rezoning of the previous air base. Following this, we prepared land use consents for global consents, site specific consents, and several regional council consents. This stage also involved the development of the neighbouring Wigram Business Park - an industrial subdivision comprising 45 lots over a 24ha site.

The development also included the realignment and naturalisation of Paparua Stream.

Lower densities and open spaces around the edges of the development ensured any visual effects on surrounding properties were minimised. Pedestrian routes were integrated with open space and stormwater management, creating a series of multi-functional reserves well-used by the residents.

The experience gained from this unique large-scale development has allowed us to excel on similar MBIE-led projects, making us experts in delivering developments with higher than average yields.

  • Ngāi Tahu Property
  • Urban design
  • Planning
  • Civil and infrastructure engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Three waters engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Land surveying
  • Structural engineering (on site specific allotments)
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- Eliot Sinclair have provided a range of urban design, planning, surveying, engineering and landscape architectural services for many of Ngāi Tahu Property’s developments for more than two decades.

Their work is consistently outstanding. Whether providing excellent project management, engineer design and geotechnical assessments, or supplying high-quality drone footage for marketing purposes, Eliot Sinclair’s services continue to evolve and provide value and insight across many aspects of our projects.

Ngāi Tahu Property looks forward to continuing our strong working relationship with Eliot Sinclair which has been evident in all our projects together -

Ngāi Tahu Property